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IOS7 Feels Like My Old Disco Outfit

Naturally I’ve upgraded my iDevices to iOS 7. Summary: It’s all seems nice if a bit confusing. And gaudy.

ios7-logoThe fonts are weird and I find them much harder to read. I’m also middle-aged and need glasses to read. I guess that people who have better vision might find them easier to use. That is not nice.

The colours are distracting. I’m sure that “phone as entertainment” is something that a lot of people want but I would really like to have a colour scheme for “I would like to check my RSS feed, read emails and send messages” instead of luscious candy tones that you can lick.

Although I can sense the intention of play and creative expression in the colourful scheme,  I would like to recommend a “grumpy old man” theme / scheme that would have readable fonts, practical colours to match my elasticated pants and comfortable slippers. People who want the “California chinos, open collar polo and double chai decaffe soy latte” look can have theirs.

I’m sue that I will get used to the new magic hand waving eventually and generally figure that some of the new gestures will be a step forward. I like the one finger ‘upswipe’ that brings up the handy actions menu.

I miss the four finger upswipe to switch between apps.

My overall feeling of the aesthetic reminds me of a time I went through my wardrobe and found my old disco outfit crumpled into a corner. Bright, bold and redolent with memories of a headier time. I looked wistfully at that outfit and felt very, very uncool.

I had this crazy idea that I could put them on to see if they still fit. They didn’t. OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T WHAT WAS I THINKING. FFS.

Thanks for reading my review of iOS7. I’m off for a cup of tea and biscuit in my comfortable trousers and comfy lounge chair.

PS: The outfit went to charity. I needed the space for my burgeoning beige cardigan collection.