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Why Do I Blog ?

Obviously I love writing and sharing that writing in public. Pressing the publish button has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Fear and uncertainty compete with the desire to stay hidden from view.

But ultimately, blogging is all about people.

Brian wrote to me after a chance meeting when we shared a taxi cab to Cisco Live in San Diego in 2013:

I am sure that you don't remember me, but we shared a cab ride back from Cisco Live in San Diego several years back. In that car ride, you introduced yourself and we briefly discussed the CCIE and what it meant for you and how I was aspiring to achieve it. During this conversation, we briefly discussed some of the technologies that exist in the lab, and how I felt they were not relevant in todays world (for example: frame-relay). When you explained your thoughts on this and how its not just the technologies that are being tested, but how they interact in the real world and a candidates knowledge should be as broad; things just "clicked for me". With this insight, I was just recently able to pass my CCIE R&S lab and I wanted to thank you for your kind advice. It is truly appreciated.

This is why I keep blogging. Because once in a while I get something right and really help someone.