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Twitter Thoughts 20141002

Twitter Thoughts is a pseudo-collection of stuff I’ve tweeted. Bitter, snarky, humorous but collected here so I still own it after Twitter goes away.


The only person who rings mobile is my account manager or as I call it “Hell on a Cell”

Only deleted 122 emails so far today. Quiet day.

Sometimes I wear a scary clown mask to vendor meetings. Its about respect.

Relax, John. The duct tape and chair is to help you think very carefully about how much discount you are going to offer me.

My wife has gone out with the girls. I’ve cheated on her with six slices of pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza ?

Some of my best naps have been during webinars.

You can’t be sad when there is cheese around

This Network Design will soon be issuing it’s own credit card called “Technical Debt”

Hiring an engineer for his business skills is like mixing Skittles and M&Ms in the same bowl