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Wordpress Desktop for Mac

I’ve been using the Wordpress Desktop for two days and its seriously good.

I have several different way to write blog posts and publish them - Mars Edit, Byword, DeskPM, Pixel Pumper … I’ve tried so many of them. But most often write in plain text in markdown format and then use Marked to convert to HTML. Plain text lets me use Sublime Text or Multimarkdown Composer for simple, uncluttered writing.

The company behind Wordpress has developed a desktop app to make writing blog posts simpler and easier. See below:


This free app works with hosted (and free) as well as self-hosted Wordpress (such as this blog). Its really great, its free and you have fewer excuses for not blogging.

Here is the app.

Windows and Linux versions are coming once they have ported & tested the Javascript frameworks on those platforms. (its hard to test Windows & Linux when so few bloggers use them).

Gratuitous Plug

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