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I probably unfollowed you on social media today

The political events of the last week have been dramatic in the UK and USA. People have taken to social media to express their opinions and perspectives. I’m rather tired of it and have had enough. It making me sad and distracting from things I have to do.

I’ve turned it off, unfollowed, unsubscribed, hidden and muted.

I respect your right to say whatever you feel. I’m exercising my right not to listen.

I’m not going to tell you what to think or what I’m doing. I’m not arrogant or confident enough to think that my personal opinions matter to you.

I am keeping my views to myself. In broad terms, I might talk about my politics in person, face to face and in a small group. Thats roughly equivalent to power of my one vote in democratic / republic system of government. I may or may not be protesting, writing letters to my MP and participating in other ways. I’m getting my news from other sources, I don’t need social media to tell me where the news is happening.

I generally choose not talk about my private life in public.

Confused ? Occasionally I will talk about the professional benefits of working in countries that have government health service and social programs because they have me the freedom to pursue a career path that many people don’t have. Thats career planning in the available system not politics. I’m not sure why you would be confused about that.

I hope you understand. We can be “internet friends” again in the future but there is only so much unhappiness I can bear for now. Time to be positive and optimistic by focussing on the things I can achieve and change.

Thats’ why I unfollowed you on social media.