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Simplifying every self help book

Simplifying every self help book and my comments one how I accept each of these points.

  1. Take one small step. (small changes not a big change to start)
  2. Change your mental maps. (change your outlook / mind / plan)
  3. Struggle is good. Scary is good. (fear is part of the process)
  4. Instant judgment is bad. (evaluate and re-evaluate)
  5. Remember the end of your life. (you are running out of time, everyday)
  6. Be playful. (you have to be fun to around to get fun)
  7. Be useful to others. (then they can be grateful to you)
  8. Perfectionism = procrastination. (good enough is near enough0
  9. Sleep, exercise, eat, chill out. Repeat.
  10. Write it all down. (Makes you think and re-think)
  11. You can’t get it all from reading. (at some point, you must act or miss out)