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Video: AXIS of Awesome – 4 Chord Songs

Shake your head that all of these songs actually use the same chords but you can't hear it. Funny video too. … [Read more]

Launchbar: Adding Search For My Own Blog

I need to search my own blogs often to find related blog posts. I decided to add a custom search templates to my LaunchBar     I add one for each of my blogs like this. I also added one for Ivan's because I use that a lot … [Read more]


Endurance. Sustained effort no matter what happens..  Patience, persistence, failure, success - no matter what happens you just keep going. Aspects of enduring effort. Motivation, winning & success are transient ephemeral moments of … [Read more]

Made it to Friday #BeerOclock

[Read more]

My Application To Be 008 Has Finally Been Actioned

      Not really, just a tax notice. Sigh, … [Read more]

Just One Cup of Coffee

          How big does a coffee cup need to be ? This big. … [Read more]

Video: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Greg McKeown: Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less The video is good although a little too slick for my tastes - I wonder if the book is useful. Will be reading as I'm working on focus myself. Book (affiliate links) - … [Read more]

Video: 12 British Accents

Because a lot of people, especially in the United States, comment on the British accent. Except I have an Australian / British / Nerd / reformed-salesman speech pattern. … [Read more]

Video: The Scientific Way to Cut A Cake

It all seems so obvious once you've seen it. Maths!! FTW!!   … [Read more]

Flipboard acquires Zite and be more mediocre than ever.

I use Zite. I like a whole lot. It's lean, useful and very good at surfacing new content. Did I mention that it is really really good. Flipboard is bloated rotten apple that run slow, gives you nothing new and shows you tedious repetitive content … [Read more]