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Kitchen Hack – Slicing Salad Tomatoes

Oh yea, so going to use this tip. … [Read more]

Not Helpful

Yet another stupid website feature. … [Read more]

Mailmate App And Default Search

MailMate App allows for very fibre grained search. But it isn't obvious how to set the default search. Use ⌥ + ⌘ F will open the search bar at the top of the window. Click on the search field will pop up the following menu where you see a lot … [Read more]

Rather be the King of Good Enough instead of Prince of Perfect

I said this. It was pretty good and worth saving here. etherealmind Rather be the King of Good Enough instead of Prince of Perfect. 80% result for 20% of effort is the right answer 80% of the time. 16/04/2014 16:19 … [Read more]

My Affair With Timberland Boots

Sometime around 2005 I decided that it was time to invest in decent shoes. At that time, network engineers would spend hours in data centres with consoles & Ethernet connected to their laptops. This involved many hours of standing and I found my … [Read more]

Freak Shows, Shopping Malls and IT Conferences

Sometimes you realise that you are surrounded by "your people" and you think just how weird nerds are. You might even discuss how we live in a bubble that unreal and not part of the real world. … [Read more]

Size of Doughnut Holes

Science people. Conservation of mass and energy. … [Read more]

Done With Unicorns & Bacon

There are a very few themes & tropes that survive the test of time and Shakespeare got to most of them first. I think I first started with the Unicorn theme in my writing at the peak of the marketing hype for Cisco UCS in mid-2009 when the … [Read more]

Response: The Internet Killed the Traditional Marketer & New Influencers

I'm not a big fan of what passes for marketing as perpetrated by incumbent technology companies. It's tone deaf & consistently irrelevant to me. Many others have shared similar opinions. As a "new media influencer" (I just made that up. Yes, I … [Read more]

Video: Its Kind of Like a Real Gun

GRINS … [Read more]