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Doctor Who Trailer for Sep 2015

I was never a HUGE Doctor Who fan. More of slow burning, watch it if I can type of thing. But the current series is good. I’ll be waiting. … [Read more]

1000 People Play Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”

I'm not a Foo Fighters fan but this is a glorious waste of time and tremendous human celebration. I hope it works. … [Read more]

10 Types of Networking Sh*t

The Ten Types of Networking Shit: Spanning Tree Cabling Getting paid jack Security ITIL Routing Vendor Change Knee deep in … [Read more]

On Having Favourites and Location Beers

I don't really have a favourite coffee shop. For me, a coffee shop is a place to rest, a place to wait between meetings, a place to have meetings, to meet friends. The best coffee shop is one that is in the right location  (except for Starbucks, … [Read more]

Grumpy Clown on A Rollercoaster

This picture resonates deeply. Source unknown. … [Read more]

Which light takes you home 

the three lights Tell me a different way home  Hearth, street and country  And I cannot decide which way to go    … [Read more]

Happiness That You Don’t Notice

What you really want is the happiness that you don't notice because its always around you.   … [Read more]

Epic Music While Working

Been enjoying these music mixes on the youtubes. I've been on a binge for Epic Music for the last 10 day or so and finding that this music fits my current mood ......   PS: I use an audio utility to boost the audio quality on my big speakers. … [Read more]

▶ Gemini – Fire Inside (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) – YouTube

Getting some flow with this music this morning. Chillstep with a kicking bass and vocals that float over the top. Perfect background. … [Read more]

Thats A Good Question

"Thats a good question" Don't you hate it when someone tells you that the question you just asked, is a "good question" ? I mean, really, its time to move on from the 1980's mantra of the making the customer feel good by telling the customer that … [Read more]