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Which light takes you home 

the three lights Tell me a different way home  Hearth, street and country  And I cannot decide which way to go    … [Read more]

Happiness That You Don’t Notice

What you really want is the happiness that you don't notice because its always around you.   … [Read more]

Epic Music While Working

Been enjoying these music mixes on the youtubes. I've been on a binge for Epic Music for the last 10 day or so and finding that this music fits my current mood ......   PS: I use an audio utility to boost the audio quality on my big speakers. … [Read more]

▶ Gemini – Fire Inside (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) – YouTube

Getting some flow with this music this morning. Chillstep with a kicking bass and vocals that float over the top. Perfect background. … [Read more]

Thats A Good Question

"Thats a good question" Don't you hate it when someone tells you that the question you just asked, is a "good question" ? I mean, really, its time to move on from the 1980's mantra of the making the customer feel good by telling the customer that … [Read more]

Virgin Atlantic – New Seats So Close I Can’t Work

Flew from Gatwick to Las Vegas on Flight VS43 in economy yesterday and was delighted to see new seats to replace the crappy the old ones. Got a bit excited at the new entertainment system and started to think the trip might be OK. It took about 10 … [Read more]

Listening to Chillstep

I often like to listen to Chillstep, (a cross between Chillout and Dubstep) when working and Youtube a is great source for it. Here is a selection of what I have been listening to recently. … [Read more]

Mac OS X: LaunchBar Convert Case

This is one of my most used features in Launch Bar.   Select the text you want to convery and copy it.  Activate and type 'convert', select the conversion you want   Paste the text press enter, then copy the text Go to … [Read more]

Recent Beers for Reddit

Some beers I have drunk recently. … [Read more]

Human Vision & Computer Colour

Video that explains the relationship of colour between computers and human eye. Turns out that digital colour isn't directly relating to our brain perception. Well, I AM INTERESTED IN THIS STUFF. … [Read more]