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Human Vision & Computer Colour

Video that explains the relationship of colour between computers and human eye. Turns out that digital colour isn't directly relating to our brain perception. Well, I AM INTERESTED IN THIS STUFF. … [Read more]

Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station”

  Many people look at the Apple USB-C port on the MacBook and complain about missing ports on the computers. I see the docking station accessory I have always wanted. A single plug that connects to all the devices when I get to my desk. … [Read more]

Video: Zoom Privacy

I saw this and thought how little privacy you have in public when you can zoom in a video like that.   … [Read more]

Video: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. … [Read more]

Social Media Hurts Like a Teenaged Love Song. Give Without Taking.

You should plan to give in social media until it hurts like a teenaged pop song. The most successful social media programs are those that give before they take. Yet most marketing professionals have decades of using outreach methods that intend to … [Read more]

Musing on Apple “Spring Forward” MacBook and Watch announcements

Mulling over the Apple shindig yesterday followed by a quick read of my RSS feed this morning. Some bullet points. Apple MacBook looks good for people who need more than a MacBook Air and less than a MacBook Pro. Leap forward to remove … [Read more]

Video: Becoming One

Becoming One from MoGrafik on Vimeo. … [Read more]

How much will an Apple Watch cost ?

a lot. Way more than you think. Watches sell for much more than $10000 every day. Like these.   … [Read more]

OS X:Minimal Status Bar for Safari by visnup

Brilliant. This is an extension to provide a minimal (Google Chrome-like) status bar for Safari. It also has built-in longurl support to convert those pesky and opaque short urls to long ones again.   via Minimal Status Bar for Safari by … [Read more]

Elon Musk On Fundamental Knowledge

Saw this on the Reddit AMA with Elon Musk today and he is talking about the value of understanding fundamentals before you become an expert.   [–]ElonMuskOfficial[S] 5103 points1 month agox2 I do kinda feel like my head is full! My … [Read more]