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My Choice for Consistent Charity

Charity. Hard to talk about and hard to do. My principles are: Give consistently. One off donations do not sustain business models. Be Quietly Public. I would prefer to keep my donations private but there are two counter-aspects. First, … [Read more]

Video: Abiogenesis

In this breathtaking science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire … [Read more]

Museum of The Order of St John -

One of the few delights of walking around London is finding pieces of history in random places. … [Read more]

Video:Cellphones Make People Flaky as #%@*

Yep. … [Read more]

Opinions, Individuals and Meetings

Meetings: Several individuals with independent opinions. Me: Individual with several independent opinions Will hold more meetings with myself. Get Same Result. … [Read more]

Turd Polishing with Glitter

[Read more]

5 Job Interview Tactics With Startups That Piss Me Off

Working for a startup looks exciting and enticing. Interviewing for a startup job  is hugely annoying. Let me run through a list of "piss me off" things. Multiple Interviews: I'm willing to have a couple of telephone interviews and maybe two face to … [Read more]

Doctor Who Notice

Source: Doctor Who notice on The London Underground - Imgur … [Read more]

You Can Never Be Lonely On The Internet

You can never really be lonely anymore. The Internet is always here to criticise you. … [Read more]

Building Focus By Removing Distractions

A couple of days ago I wrote about focus but I'm also built out of habits. Habits that I find hard to break. I need to build a habit around focussing on writing in Scrivener so I took 10 minutes to write this distraction killer using Keyboard … [Read more]