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WordPress Desktop for Mac

I've been using the Wordpress Desktop for two days and its seriously good. I have several different way to write blog posts and publish them - Mars Edit, Byword, DeskPM, Pixel Pumper ... I've tried so many of them. But most often write in plain text … [Read more]

No More Google Chrome Browser

I’m finished with Google Chrome. Its wiped my toolbar bookmarks AGAIN. This is the fourth time in six months. It still burns more battery than Safari or Firefox. The updater wastes bandwidth by updating every 60 … [Read more]

SD-WAN Night of Nerdery Nov 2015 with Viptela

Quick post to publish some photos from the Viptela Night of Nerdery event on SD-WAN held at the Flatiron Bar in New York last night that I have collected from social media. (I hope people don't mind, I wasnt able to track where I got them from) If … [Read more]

OS X: Replace Audio Alerts With Screen Flash

I can't stand a computer that bings & bongs (no matter how fancy the audio files are or pleasing the sound) but I still need to know when something is alerting. Mac OS X has an accessibility feature that will flash the screen instead: You can … [Read more]

Mac OS X: Boom2 is worth the money

If you listen to Youtube, Spotify or other on-line streaming service you might notice that your music is flat or boring. Thats because they stream that music at limited audio rates to reduce bandwidth - e.g. Youtube is just 120Kbps and I believe that … [Read more]

Future of Storytelling

Drawing carton characters in a 3D space. Glen Keane – Step into the Page from Future Of StoryTelling … [Read more]

Mac OS X: DirectLinks – Canisbos

This extension circumvents certain techniques used by Google and Facebook to track link clicks. When you click a link in Google search results, Google uses JavaScript to replace the actual link with an indirect one, which they use for click … [Read more]

Travels Jan-Aug 2015

A collection of photos from the last six months. Significant events: Paris - to meet family. I hate Paris, its truly awful. Interop Las Vegas - Speaking and meeting people. New York - recording a live show, meetings in tall office towers in … [Read more]

I Love Ad Blockers For Lots of Reasons

Things about web-based advertising that offend me: Speed - page load times for images, scripts, videos mean that site performance can be degraded by 400% or more. Bad on the desktop, really poor on the smartphone/ipad. Privacy - to make ads … [Read more]

Doctor Who Trailer for Sep 2015

I was never a HUGE Doctor Who fan. More of slow burning, watch it if I can type of thing. But the current series is good. I’ll be waiting. … [Read more]