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Video: Libraries in 1922

Its so easy to forget the hundreds of hours I spent in libraries studying for school and university. Today I have no reason to leave my desk. Here is what access to information was like in 1922: Featured libraries include the British Museum, the … [Read more]

Video:Adele – Hello / Lacrimosa (Mozart) – ThePianoGuys

Weird but it works. Enjoyed it. … [Read more]

Microsoft Still Hates Its Customers

I hate Microsoft Office. To further insult me Microsoft has a proprietary installer that is incapable of partial updates. How the heck does a 2.5 Gigabyte download make your customers happy ? Stuff you Microsoft Office. Go home. You're Drunk. … [Read more]

Twitter Thoughts – 20160104

Irregular and incomplete collection of various snark that I published on social media (mainly twitter) in the last few months.   If you think education is expensive, try ignorance" -Silvia Hagen, Do's and Don't of Transition Comfortable is … [Read more]

Podcasts I Would Recommend To You – 2016

One the reasons I co-founded Packet Pushers Podcast is that I love listening to podcasts. Around 2008/9, I was commuting by car for roughly three hours a day, a nightmarish amount of unproductive and wasted time and it was podcasts kept me sane. … [Read more]

Video: Uncanny valley

Brilliant. SciFi short on virtual reality. Totally got me into the story in less than 10 minutes. In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line … [Read more]

WordPress Desktop for Mac

I've been using the Wordpress Desktop for two days and its seriously good. I have several different way to write blog posts and publish them - Mars Edit, Byword, DeskPM, Pixel Pumper ... I've tried so many of them. But most often write in plain text … [Read more]

No More Google Chrome Browser

I’m finished with Google Chrome. Its wiped my toolbar bookmarks AGAIN. This is the fourth time in six months. It still burns more battery than Safari or Firefox. The updater wastes bandwidth by updating every 60 … [Read more]

SD-WAN Night of Nerdery Nov 2015 with Viptela

Quick post to publish some photos from the Viptela Night of Nerdery event on SD-WAN held at the Flatiron Bar in New York last night that I have collected from social media. (I hope people don't mind, I wasnt able to track where I got them from) If … [Read more]

OS X: Replace Audio Alerts With Screen Flash

I can't stand a computer that bings & bongs (no matter how fancy the audio files are or pleasing the sound) but I still need to know when something is alerting. Mac OS X has an accessibility feature that will flash the screen instead: You can … [Read more]