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OS X: Replace Audio Alerts With Screen Flash

I can't stand a computer that bings & bongs (no matter how fancy the audio files are or pleasing the sound) but I still need to know when something is alerting. Mac OS X has an accessibility feature that will flash the screen instead: You can … [Read more]

Mac OS X: Boom2 is worth the money

If you listen to Youtube, Spotify or other on-line streaming service you might notice that your music is flat or boring. Thats because they stream that music at limited audio rates to reduce bandwidth - e.g. Youtube is just 120Kbps and I believe that … [Read more]

Future of Storytelling

Drawing carton characters in a 3D space. Glen Keane – Step into the Page from Future Of StoryTelling … [Read more]

Mac OS X: DirectLinks – Canisbos

This extension circumvents certain techniques used by Google and Facebook to track link clicks. When you click a link in Google search results, Google uses JavaScript to replace the actual link with an indirect one, which they use for click … [Read more]

Travels Jan-Aug 2015

A collection of photos from the last six months. Significant events: Paris - to meet family. I hate Paris, its truly awful. Interop Las Vegas - Speaking and meeting people. New York - recording a live show, meetings in tall office towers in … [Read more]

I Love Ad Blockers For Lots of Reasons

Things about web-based advertising that offend me: Speed - page load times for images, scripts, videos mean that site performance can be degraded by 400% or more. Bad on the desktop, really poor on the smartphone/ipad. Privacy - to make ads … [Read more]

Doctor Who Trailer for Sep 2015

I was never a HUGE Doctor Who fan. More of slow burning, watch it if I can type of thing. But the current series is good. I’ll be waiting. … [Read more]

1000 People Play Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”

I'm not a Foo Fighters fan but this is a glorious waste of time and tremendous human celebration. I hope it works. … [Read more]

10 Types of Networking Sh*t

The Ten Types of Networking Shit: Spanning Tree Cabling Getting paid jack Security ITIL Routing Vendor Change Knee deep in … [Read more]

On Having Favourites and Location Beers

I don't really have a favourite coffee shop. For me, a coffee shop is a place to rest, a place to wait between meetings, a place to have meetings, to meet friends. The best coffee shop is one that is in the right location  (except for Starbucks, … [Read more]